Friday, July 25, 2008

Flaming Lips at the Lovebox Weekender

So he climbs in the bubble and hamsters across the audience (whatever that feels like) and we're ready to be pleased...
Plenty of mad antics to keep us enthralled and get us joining in. It was a great end to the weekend and the moment that made Lovebox feel like a festival weekend.
Had felt a bit odd going home on the Saturday night...

Flaming Lips at Lovebox


Outdoor heaven: huge glitterball, greenery, gorgeous club sounds, and surrounded by people having a great time. A happy weekend...even if they are not the most stylish dancers...

Even with a few more people, it's difficult to disguise the park we fly kites in.

Waiting patiently inside a tent for somebody Fynn. But when he started singing we left the tent.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scrumpy the dog

So we think he's asleep. But he plans to stay one step ahead by keeping his eye on the ball.

Guarding the front door - a very important job

I had to publish these pictures of Scrumpy in full gallop and not touching the ground which reminded me of earlier pics of show jumpers from Windsor.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

GB v Ireland exhibiton match, Polo at Smith's Lawn

A battle scene moment. Ireland has the ball but fail to win the day. Fun spectator sport. Only four players on a team - four horses each - it's fast and often a muddle. The commentators really know names and ages of players and ponies along with the witty repartee and speedy moments...

Smith's Lawn Polo in the Rain

Another chance to be in 'the Great Park'. Exhibition match GB versus Ireland, finalists at the 1908 Olympics, when Polo was an Olympic sport. It rained.